Friday, April 30, 2010

Wisdom for a Friday

Welcome to my Friday. I'm not really sure where it's going, but my guess that we're headed soon to an approaching Saturday. If you follow me on Facebook (and you should) you'll know that I'm on the verge of breaking up with Mr. Coffee. I'm waiting for him to finish his job right now and supply me with a few cups of coffee which will invariably become cold in the lag time between adding soy milk and equal and then a few sprinkles of hawaij, a Yemenite spice mix. The main problem with Mr. Coffee is that he's become cold. I mean, how much does one have to do to warm up coffee? I feel like I give so much of myself to him. Some people attribute their creativity to a muse. Mine is to my coffee.
So now he's finally done. My coffee is in my cup. My cup is on the table. My hand would be on the handle if I wasn't presently typing. Can someone explain why my pricey dishes chip all the time, but my dollar store coffee mugs can be pitched at concrete and they'd probably not even suffer a scratch? I'm currently considering replacing all of my dishware with these gems from the dollar store. Yeah, sure they're ugly. But what's ugliness when it will last forever? I mean, who wouldn't want a forever filled with ugly, sturdy things? We can call these things "eclectic." They're not ugly. They're eclectic.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First draft: done!

I just finished my play. 102 pages. 3 acts. 28 days of writing. More of the holy who are really not holy at all. Women who go from pious to pole-dancing. Rabbis who go from gefilte fish to filming porn. People who realize that they are living a lie and try to change that reality. I have a character who looks like Hitler, but is really just a nice guy. And nice guys who are really not very nice at all. It's only just a first draft at this point but several people have already requested a read. I already have ideas of what needs major revision and what doesn't and where I'd like to go from here. Have I mentioned that I don't yet have a title? I'm mentally exhausted but it feels great.
In other realms, I'm trying to use social media for (good and not evil) a bit of self-promotion. So, please feel free to tweet any of my links or whatever. Do it in the name of all that is good and not evil. No, wait. Do it because it feels good. No, that's not it either. Help make me famous. You know, because it feels good and right. And because I'd make a good famous person because well, I'm funny. And I give good interview. And now I'm just babbling with exhaustion.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Accepted and published!

Wow. Scribblers on the Roof just published If I Forget Thee. What an exciting moment! Seriously. When I saw the acceptance, my heart did that little skip-leap-stop motion. And then I had to deal with a headshot. The running joke is that I would have had a novel out already but I couldn't get a decent photo for the book jacket. I'm seriously not photogenic.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm officially starting a writing blog. With publishing becoming a very possible reality, I'm thinking that this is just one more inevitable inevitability. This is going to be a separate endeavor from my regular haunt, "lost in bec's world" but both will be equally used. If you're following me on lost in bec's world, feel free to do so here as well, as I'll be updating with publishing info and news on my current writing projects.
For starters, I have a piece that recently found a home on Feel free to read Hair. It's definitely an interesting piece. 
The genre I've been working in lately is probably best described as angsty Jewish writing. I'm not quite sure that's an official genre, but it works. I'm thinking that with my yet unpublished pieces, they'd best sit somewhere between Shalom Auslander, Philip Roth and maybe Woody Allen. Well, at least maybe in the same room. 
I'm currently finishing a play for script frenzy which I expect will be completed in a few days. Between orthodox porn, murder by spareribs and a Jewish Hitler look-alike, well, I'd say readers are in for a bit of an absurd experience. Good luck to all of us. (And especially me, as I still haven't thought up a title!)
More to come!!!!