Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm officially starting a writing blog. With publishing becoming a very possible reality, I'm thinking that this is just one more inevitable inevitability. This is going to be a separate endeavor from my regular haunt, "lost in bec's world" but both will be equally used. If you're following me on lost in bec's world, feel free to do so here as well, as I'll be updating with publishing info and news on my current writing projects.
For starters, I have a piece that recently found a home on Feel free to read Hair. It's definitely an interesting piece. 
The genre I've been working in lately is probably best described as angsty Jewish writing. I'm not quite sure that's an official genre, but it works. I'm thinking that with my yet unpublished pieces, they'd best sit somewhere between Shalom Auslander, Philip Roth and maybe Woody Allen. Well, at least maybe in the same room. 
I'm currently finishing a play for script frenzy which I expect will be completed in a few days. Between orthodox porn, murder by spareribs and a Jewish Hitler look-alike, well, I'd say readers are in for a bit of an absurd experience. Good luck to all of us. (And especially me, as I still haven't thought up a title!)
More to come!!!!


  1. Thanks a bunch. There's nothing like good friends to support each other's endeavors. May we both merit great reviews in The New York Times Book Review!!!!

  2. Love you girl! This will be great!


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