Monday, March 21, 2011

my radio interview

A while back, in another life, I posted the transcript of a radio interview that I had done and after many years (I posted this on my old blog back in 2008) I thought it would be a great post to share again.
the other day i was lucky enough to be interviewed (by phone) on a prominent new york radio station regarding my upcoming film, "i eat goat." here is the transcript.
transcript of bec's radio interview
interviewer: today we have a very special guest via telephone from israel, bec ______, the up and coming writer who has put together the comedic documentary, "i eat goat," due to hit the indie film festivals this summer. hello bec!
bec: hey! i'm sorry, what's your name again?
interviewer: bob.
bec: hey bob!
bob: hey bec!
bec: hey bob!
bob: hey yourself. so bec, how did you get started in film?
bec: well, it all started one evening when my husband and i were ordering food from this pakistani-italian restaurant and they didn't have lamb karahi.
bob: really?
bec: they asked if i wanted goat. i said, "sure, i eat goat!" and the film was on its way.
bob: now i hear that it's taken you quite a while to put this film together.
bec: we had some production difficulties. first we didn't have a camera. then we didn't have a goat. then we had kids. all the while we were still working on the scripts.
bob: when did you finally get the scripts done?
bec: to tell you the truth, bob, they're still not done.
bob: what do you mean?
bec: we're still working on them. and i'm in the middle of a poetry project as well as my short story collection.
bob: so you have a short story collection?
bec: yes, but it's currently being sent out for publication as individual pieces. apparently the publishers don't realize that my work is much better than the current drivel they've been putting out, but i'm okay with that. i've become immune to failure.
bob: why is that?
bec: what choice do i have? i can't decide who will publish what. i can only produce and hope for the best.
bob: but you expect rejection?
bec: i aim for rejection. that way there are no surprises and i know what to expect.
bob: that's a pretty unique way of approaching a career in writing. what will you do if your work is accepted?
bec: i will promptly refuse to sign any contracts and beg them to reconsider.
bob: interesting strategy, bec.
bec: thank you, bob.
bob: so what's your plan regarding the independent film festivals this summer?
bec: i'm trying to convince the bedouin shepherds here to loan me a goat for this film. so far there's been a language barrier, but they have given me some hashish and two chickens. i'm still trying to convince them that a goat would be in their best interest and they'd make a percentage from the film profits.
bob: well, okay. thank you, bec. it was a pleasure speaking with you, an up and coming writer and filmmaker.
bec: no bob. thank you.

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