Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Renewed Commitment to this Blog

     So, every so often I make a pathetic post about how I've neglected this blog, and how I'm going to actually go back to blogging here instead of working on other blog-related projects. But this time, I mean it. I swear. I'm going to change my ways and blog here, really. To prove it, I even put this url on my Twitter account. Shh.... Don't tell anyone that I don't use Twitter that often--but I will now. I will! I'll learn to love Twitter. Or maybe I won't. Either way.

     Here's the update. I finished working on the third draft of my book although I still keep going back to the first three chapters, knowing that there's something I can do better. So I took it out of Comic Sans. Ha! No, I'm kidding. Really. See, there I go again, destroying your trust in me. It was never in Comic Sans. But I really want to be able to condense that first chapter, and jump right into the action--which I do, but I'll probably try to do it better. Again. And again. Until I develop Writers' OCD (which would be the OCD belonging to many writers, not just me,) or until I fall into a ridiculously deep abyss of non-productivity and my book goes nowhere slower than most.


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  3. Something about this particular post seems very familiar, like something I have experienced hand in a previous life, again and again. I wonder what it can be? Hmm...

    But joke aside...
    I have trust in you, even if you didn't keep this particular blog running I still have faith in your ability to keep writing and I will read your articles and posts where ever on the web I may find them.

    P.S. I found your post 'stopkiruvnow' from 2013 on another blog of yours and was immediately intrigued by your openness and willingness to address a problem that cause so much harm to so many people but in spite of which still (almost) nobody talks about.


be kind.