Friday, June 25, 2010

bec: the queen of submission

I'm like the queen of submission lately, so much so, that if I was in porn, that might be my alias. But alas, I am not in porn, well, not yet, and mostly because I don't have the time. Between writing and job applications and taking care of the kids and barely taking care of the house, well, I really just don't have the time. Because, as I've stated before, I'm just the queen of submissions. (As opposed to submissiveness, which, I guess I would have to practice for those fetish circles of which I'm not a part.)
Anyway, so I just submitted a piece entitled Women Infants Children to an anthology. I'm excited about it and I'm hoping it'll get it in but if it doesn't, I do know where I'd like to submit it next. I've never submitted to an anthology before so I'm pretty stoked. Sort of like in a Miss America way: "I know I didn't even make it to the science project competition because I missed on swimsuits, but it was such a great experience just being here!" (What do you mean, there is no science project competition?!!?)
As for "Reunion," which was submitted and accepted to The Chick Lit Review months ago, I am getting ready to shop it around elsewhere, as The Chick Lit Review closed just before publishing. The good thing is that it gave me the chance to review and revise and fix those tiny things I didn't catch months ago. The bad thing is having to start the process over. The good thing is that now my bio has more stuff, so maybe I can get it into a paying market. I really hope so. It will also mean having several stories out there right now, looking for homes.
Something interesting that I've found lately is that everything my professors said about writing is absolutely true. It's totally like a muscle that if you don't use, will totally atrophy. I've been writing excessively lately. Most of the stories I'm writing are for this short story collection I hope to be able to publish. At some point, I must have set an unofficial deadline that I'm working toward, although I'm not really sure when it is, just that I've got to get it all written.
As for my play, well, that's also on its way.
So, I apologize. You won't find me while window shopping in the Red Light District these days. This queen of submission will be submitting to you on paper only.

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