Saturday, June 19, 2010

the black death. voted best disease of the 14th century one hundred years in a row!

So I've developed an unhealthy relationship with the Bubonic Plague. Yes, the plague. The Black Death. Yersinia pestis. Yes, that one. From the middle ages. The one that spread across Europe like the plague. Oh wait. It was the plague. Never mind.
I'm reading Ann Benson's book "The Plague Tales" and liking it immensely. As a student, I became obsessed with the plague but that was before the internet's arrival. Dare I say it was a good thing, otherwise I would have spent many a night researching it instead of studying or watching TV.... Anyway, I'm not yet done with the book, but aside from some slight details regarding the writing that only another writer would pick out, this book is excellent. There are two major plot lines going on, one taking place in the 1300s in Europa, the other set in the future, in England. Benson paints a frightening picture of a world that has been ruined by antibiotic resistant bugs and a complete depersonalization of the medical and related fields and what happens when the plague hits again. As a fan of the Black Death, I am finding this book to be incredibly goiterlicious.
As far as my own writing, I just finished the first draft of "Last Night." Definitely a difficult story to write, and one that I've been trying to write for years. Yes, this took a long time to develop into something I felt comfortable putting down on paper and it still needs some work. The one problem that I'm having is trying to make time to finish editing my play, apply for work, and continue working on the book I'm writing. I'm not complaining. I consider myself very lucky to have all of these writing projects going on and the creativity to sustain them.
Happy writing, folks.

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