Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 There's nothing like those "what the hell is that smell" moments. You know, when you're sitting around, doing nothing or something, or something which turns out to be nothing anyway, or the resulting nothingness and somethingness of some kind of nothing and all of a sudden, THAT SMELL twists itself around you like a boa, and starts choking you with its overpowering aroma, or stench, or whatever word you might want to insert there. Sometimes you can blame it on the dog. Other times, it's that scent of a fish tank after years of neglect. (I once had a neighbor with this type of fish tank.) Sometimes, it's the smell of garbage that needs to be taken out.
 Speaking of garbage needing to be taken out, you can probably tell that I'm just writing this to get the crap out. In a bit, I'll be back to working on a set of anti-prayers and non-blessings. For those of you who aren't sure, it's true. If there's such a place, you can meet me for post-death drinks in Hell. I'll be waiting.


be kind.