Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm totally procrastinating. I'm in the middle now of three things: editing this play, which is still between titles, working on a short story I was writing before Script Frenzy, and working on a new story, which can either turn into a short story, or perhaps a novel depending on where I go with it. I should be making supper. I should go to the gym. But for some reason, I'm totally exhausted. Okay. It's possibly because I spent the bulk of the day working in the garden, which, I should say, is a really great way to escape the insanity of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end. It's also a great way to ensure fruits, veggies and herbs in a few weeks/months. So that's where my productivity went....
So, yeah, I'm totally procrastinating. But I did spend some time editing. I did. I added a few lines that needed adding. I also started researching how to get my play produced. I don't mean to be anything less than humble, but it's a bizarre comedy and you know what? It's hilarious. I would like to organize a reading for the sake of editing, although I've read that usually if a producer or company is interested, he/she will organize the read through. So basically, at this point, I really need to do a killer edit job. I think I'll start that...later.

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